Living in a house built in 1976, I was aware that it did not have the kind of thermal insulation for good, functional energy saving.

First of all, my priority was to find a different solution from the traditional thermal cladding, which would not require invasive and burdensome structural works.

After doing extensive research on the Internet, I chose Econanosil for its innovative products. I further investigated this matter by surfing for information on the Web on this type of highly technological insulation products.

I made my final decision both how thin the materials are and how easy they were to apply; it did not necessarily require turning the house upside down.

I’d say that the technical team did a good job: the installers worked well delivering the material and installing it in a timely manner. I also had lots of support and assistance from the technical office during the whole working process and with the red tape.

Talking about post-installation advantages, we used the air conditioners less often last summer and we had the feeling there was less heat.

With regard to the winter, the climate was unusual, damp moreso than cold, but after setting the thermostat to a medium temperature, we noticed that the system did not start as often as in the previous years. We look forward to making a comparison with data on hand, but the prospects are already good!

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