Testimonial by H. Fehling
H. Fehling
Prov. Treviso
Having already installed an external thermal insulation layer in part of the house, I wanted to complete the insulation process and provide the house with the appropriate energy performance requirements. Since the thermal insulation layer had already delivered considerable results in terms of heat loss reduction, I decided to do some research on the Internet on other covering options that could insulate both from the winter cold and the summer heat. Being an engineer myself, I already had the opportunity to learn about nanotechnology applications in the technical/building industry, so I chose Econanosil products because I already knew about their performance in this area thanks to insulating nanomaterials research. Concerning advantages, I can say that during the summer, a few months after installing the system, we used the air conditioner much less than before. More concrete results came during the winter, which was not actually particularly cold, but we used the heat pump considerably less, and spent at least 15-20% less on electricity compared to previous years. Nothing to complain about the technical team work. They we’re punctual, clean and precise. So far, we are in general very pleased with the results both for the work done by Ecologicamente and in terms of cost savings, which we hope will be more and more consistent!
Testimonial by D. Franzosi
D. Franzosi
Prov. Pavia
We wanted to insulate part of our house where we had already installed an underfloor heating system which, however, was not enough to ward off the external cold and damp. However, the installation of an external insulation layer was not an option due to the limited space and thin walls. Then, we started looking for a suitable solution. When we got comprehensive information on Econanosil nanotechnological products, we thought we had finally found what we were looking for since work could be carried out without distorting the thickness of the walls. As for the advantages, we noticed a consistent hold of the heat during the summer. The winter went even better: the house was very warm inside, without any damp or cold problems. Although we had received some negative predictions, we noticed great thermal efficiency. And as to the technical team who came over to work on the installation: no complains at all! The main thing is that we saw considerable savings on the overall cost of the installation. In fact, on balance, including skimming, painting and insulation, we spent far less than the cost of the traditional thermal cladding, which make us very satisfied.
Testimonial by G.Ronzi
Prov. Varese
Being the first one to install a photovoltaic system in the village, I have always been interested in energy-saving technology; it is basically my philosophy of life. I wanted to find an effective system to save on heating bills and I absolutely did not want to ransack the house to install a traditional thermal cladding. So, I did some research about nanotechnological coatings through the Internet and I chose this efficient solution. Last summer we did not feel the need to cool the rooms, the temperature inside was nice and we only turned on the fan one night in the attic, where we generally used to suffer the summer heat!
We already feel a difference with 3-4 degrees of more heat in the rooms in November. As for the installation, I can say the work was done very well. I had special support from the technical team, formed of valuable and helpful people. Since I am very satisfied with Ecologicamente, I’m gonna spread the word to my friends and... the rest of the village!